Zeochar & Zeobentochar

Envirochar Pty. Ltd is emerging as an industry leader in the field of carbon enhanced minerals with products in many fields. We firmly believe that gut and soil health are at the core of an overall healthy lifestyle.

Zeochar and Zeobenotchar are products developed with a partner company Castle Mountain Zeolites. 


Zeolite is used in animal husbandry as a dietary supplement or in manufactured feeds for meat producing animals and birds. Zeolites bind ammonium ion in the upper GI tract that is exchanged with the bound Sodium or Calcium in the Zeolite. The ammonium ion is released from protein or other nitrogenous moieties as ammonia in the stomach or rumen.

This ammonium ion is exchanged with Sodium ion in the lower GI tract for uptake into blood for incorporation into protein in cells and tissues. This process is often referred to as “improved Nitrogen feed use efficiency “.

It is believed that the highly porous internal structure of Zeolite also assists the microbes in the rumen or stomach by providing “homes” for them, but this is difficult to critically evaluate.

With only a few exceptions Zeolite functions only in the presence of water. It is very hydrophilic but binds less than 1/3 of its mass of water.

Zeolite also binds a small discrete number of toxins of plant, bacterial or fungal origin, but none are registered with the APVMA. Zeolite is an absorbent the binding of cations to which is zero order, so is diffusion limited.

Zeochar & Zeobentochar »
Zeochar & Zeobentochar »


Biochar is the product from the pyrolytic burning of wood in the absence of oxygen. Some of its remarkable functionalities include:

However, Biochar is not easy to quench without water after pyrolysis. It is also very light and fluffy. Its density of ~0.25 makes it very expensive to freight. It also can spontaneously combust, if not properly stored. The kinetics of binding molecules to Biochar is first order, so the kinetics are  concentration dependent.


Zeochar is the Carbon coated Zeolite that is produced by pyrolysis of wood in the presence of Zeolite.

Zeochar has a density of 0.6-0.7 so is far more efficient for transport. It also is easier to quench when using zeolite and it is usually quenched by admixture with zeolite, which binds heat.

Zeochars are easy to handle, generate very little dust and retain the blocky granular shapes of the Zeolite onto which they are annealed. They do not combust spontaneously and as such are easy to store.

Zeochar products are usually modified post pyrolysis to put positive charges on the char surfaces, to be capable to bind anions as well as uncharged molecules.

TM =Trademark to Castle Mountain Zeolites
TN = Trade Name to Castle Mountain Zeolites


Zeobentochars (or ZBCs) are the product of pyrolysis of wood in the presence of both Zeolite and Bentonite. These products have a lower density as compared with Zeochar around 0.4-0.5.

Bentonite is used as a feed additive where the products very high surface area is believed to assist in the homing of bacteria. Bentonite is also an adsorbent for binding of other molecules.

Zeobentochar has found use in formulations for Lick Blocks for the prevention and treatment of Phyto toxicoses, poisoning after ingestion of plant material including but not confined to some native peas, wattles & Lantana camara. Almost certainly it will be of assistance in the treatment of other metabolic syndromes.

Binding of molecules to Zeobentochar is usually first order, but with added unmodified Zeolite, the kinetics are more complicated as would be expected. 

Sea Minerals

Sea minerals used in some of our products are a breakthrough natural mineral, trace element & nano particle supplementation. They are derived naturally from the ocean and contain major minerals of magnesium, potassium, calcium and sodium + over 40 vitally essential micro elements and minerals. Trace elements assist vitamins to assimilate and be more available to the targeted application. 

Sea minerals have an application in agriculture as a soil fertility supplement, an addition to livestock feed rations. Sea minerals offers a low sodium natural alternative high in macro and micro trace elements that promote sustainable growth outcomes.

Seaweed Extracts

Seaweed extracts from kelp feature in some our products and are a natural means of plant health, a superior plant tonic and soil conditioner. The product stimulates the plants root systems while providing soil microbial activity.

Seaweed extracts have an ability to protect plants in hot dry conditions, allowing them to quickly recover as conditions improve.