Dr. David’s Treatment for Algae and Cyno – Bacterial Blooms

In regional Australia and in times of drought, there is an ongoing problem with blooms of green algae and Cyanophytes (blue/green bacteria). The causes of this are as follows:

The green algae are not too great a problem and can be managed successfully using Copper salts. However, the Cyanophytes contain a neurotoxin that affects human and animal health.
This neurotoxin is liberated from the Cyanophytes when they are perturbed e.g. when treated with a surfactant chemical which kills on contact.

Method of Removal

Envirochar Pty.Ltd. in conjunction with one of our suppliers have produced a fine composite material from a combination of zeolite and modified bio char.

This fine powdered composite material binds both cations, (including Nitrogen as ammonium ion), and anions, (nitrate and phosphate), to provide removal of the essential mineral nutrition of algae and Cyanophyte bacteria. 

Without this, they cannot sustain life and gently sink to the benthos without the Cyanophyte releasing toxin.

It is important to get the density of the composition up to at least 0.7-0.8 to allow it to pick up water and slowly sink through the blooms to the benthos.

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Our products are made of 100 % natural and organic materials and are 100 % Australian made.

Dosage Rates

Please contact Envirochar or our agent to discuss the dosage rate suitable for your application. Application methods will vary depending on site and water conditions.

Safety Precautions

It should be noted that this product may contain dust that can be harmful to humans when breathing and suitable breathing/handling precautions should always be used.

Please refer to our SDS on our web site.