Biochar Battery Test

Black Hill NSW, 23 November 2019

Trial consists of 6 rows of biochar approximately 15 meters long x 500mm deep at varying distances apart. First to second row 800mm – 2nd to 3rd row 900mm 3rd to 4th row 3200mm 4th to 5th row 1200 mm and 5th to 6th row 2200mm, all trenches are joined at one end to one cubic meter of biochar.

The idea is to test the electrical activity in the soil.

No bugs or worms were found in the soil removed during the digging of the trenches, the soil was dry and would be considered sterile. Little or no grass had grown previously on this soil.

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Testing for electrical activity showed -28 or poor soil.

The tests on this property were started during one of the state’s worst droughts and we have added no water. We have had approximately 2mm of rain recently after installation of 5 cubic meters of biochar.

All trenches are joined to the one cubic meter of biochar.