Working with academics and industry leaders to produce quality carbon enchanced minerals.

About EnviroChar

Rich in history and an even better product. Biochar and Charcoal has been used by our ancestors for thousands of years and is incredibly important in agriculture and farming.

Envirochar utilises on the knowledge and applications of traditional practices of producing charcoal with modern innovations and solutions. Pyrolysis is a process known to create Charcoal. This is when biomass is heated in a vacuum at temperatures exceeding 450°C, leaving solid high carbon residue.

Biochar is synthetically made charcoal made from planet waste and has incredible application when it comes to turning unproductive soil into carbon rich fertile soil. Soils high in charcoal are those commonly found in tropical rainforests such as the Amazon that have remained fertile and plentiful for generations.

With the help of Envirochar you can increase your agriculture productivity, enhance your home gardening experience or amend your dying grass. Improve your soil properties today in a clean and sustainable way, contact Envirochar

Our company’s mission

To be the industry leader, inspiring people with creative ideas to produce the best products to market, our products should always reflect our goals.

Our company’s vision

We firmly believe that gut and soil health are at the core of an overall healthy lifestyle, and part of leaving a healthy environment for future generations.

Promote trust amongst our consumers, employees and the community, while building a sustainable business.
Being prepared for future challenges.

Our company’s Goals

Providing a healthy environment for future generations with an ability to grow what our company has started.


Working with academics and industry leaders to produce quality fertiliser